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Ninth paracha of the book of Berechit, Vayéchev evokes Joseph, son of Jacob.

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Twelve boys of Jacob so decomposed: six children of Léa, two children of Rachel (Joseph, and Benjamin who was another baby) and four children of Bilha and Zilpa. The latter were badly seen by the children of Léa and the slightest bit rejected by the breast of the family, because their mothers were handmaids.

Only joseph, tells us the Torah, associated with them and considered them as full brothers. It is them that he saw frequently, what is more his other brothers, exactly because these despised them and humbled them.

Hardly of his conviction, persuaded to be, him, on the good way, Joseph is to be encouraged in his opposition to any discrimination between his brothers, by his father, Jacob, who distinguishes him by making him make a " colorful garment ". Far from understanding that they were on the wrong track, the brothers of Joseph turn now their hatred against him.

But joseph, not content with acting on the moment for the full gratitude of the rights of the children of Bilha and Zilpa, begins dreaming: A day will come, he thinks, where " the sheaves of his brothers will prostrate themselves before his ", where his brothers will seize that only he was on the right track and will adopt his way of seeing and to act. Naturally, these dreams are only stressing the fury of his brothers. " II needs, they say themselves, that this "dreamer" disappears, that this moralizer is prevented from criticizing us, we quietly want to continue to apply our discrimination ".
Jacob, however, was persuaded that a day would come when joseph's idea would triumph.

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