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Mikets is the tenth paracha of the book of Berechit. In this paracha, Joseph and his brothers see each other again.

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Joseph was imprisoned during two years. At the end of these years, Pharaoh makes strange dreams twice, and the only one Joseph will manage to interpret them.

Joseph announces then to Pharaoh seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine which will lead to forget the previous good years.  Thus Joseph advises him to gather in the grain of seven fat years.

When the famine arises, Joseph is able of feeding all the kingdom of Egypt and countries surroundings.

He will have two sons, Manassé and Ephraïm. Jacob who ignores everything of the fate of his son Joseph, sends his sons to buy of the grain in Egypt.

Joseph, whom his brothers do not recognize, pretends not to recognize them. Keeping his brother Simeon in hostage, he sends them to look for Benjamin, the youngest stayed with Jacob.

As the famine lasts, Jacob is countering to let the brothers leave with Benjamin.

They are warmly welcomed, Siméon is freed and Joseph makes them serve a luxurious feast. He hides a cup of money in Benjamin's bag, and unmasking the culprit, he requires to keep him by his side as servant.

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