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After a long wait, after many sufferings, Joseph finally sees coming true the dreams which he had made in the house of his father

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His brothers come to prostrate themselves before him, certainly; but beyond this gesture of submission, which addresses in reality the monarch, Joseph realizes that his absence recreated the unity between the brothers - between all the brothers - and that there was no more place from now on for a differentiation between the children of the "handmaids" and the others. Yet it's there indeed about what he had dreamed about the period.

This brotherhood, it was the touched witness when he understood with which flame Juda pleaded in front of him the cause of Benjamin and even suggested taking his place.

But he(especially felt the remorse which burned the heart of his brothers and it is this set facts that made him burst there, tears.
Tears of emotion, but also tears of joy. From now on, he was certain, the union really reigned between his brothers, so different from each other, but all were confidentially bound one to another.
If he had been so hard to them when they were faced with face in Egypt, if he had known how to master his heart and speak to them as a foreigner, it was to be better persuaded that this unity was established for good and not only superficially, under the push of the events.
The (event was now finished. II did not stay any more in Joseph than to make take out all the witnesses the presence of which could be annoying for his brothers, so that, in his big happiness, can take place the reconciliation and the reunions of twelve brothers from now on united by same love.

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