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Vayetsé is the paracha seventh of the book of Berechit. This paracha continues with Esaü and Jacob.

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Avoiding the anger of his brother Esaü, Jacob stops to sleep in a place called Louz, where he makes a dream, a scale touching the heavens from whom go up and go down angels.

At the top of this one, G.od insures it to accompany him in its exile. 

Brought out of Canaan, Jacob arrives at a well where are collected the shepherds. These men come from Haran, and know Lavan, the uncle of Jacob to whom he had found refuge. These people indicate him that Rachel, the girl Lavan, comes to lead her herds. 

Jacob is going to agree to work to receive Rachel in salary but the day after the wedding night, he realizes that he was deceived by Lavan, who gave him his elder daughter, Léa.

Having worked seven years more, him wife Rachel, who remains sterile, contrary to her sister. Rachel gives him her handmaid for common law wife, but Léa in fact so much. Finally, while Jacob has already ten sons and a girl, Rachel gives birth to him finally to Joseph.

Jacob decides then to return in the country, but he arrests his reunions with his brother Esaü.


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