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Hayé Sarah

The paracha Hayé Sarah evokes the future woman of Isaac, Rebecca, that Eliezer, faithful servant of Abraham has to look. 

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Eliézer, the faithful servant of Abraham, is loaded of a very delicate mission: its teacher asked him to find for his son, Isaac, a wife deserving of this one!

The first condition required by Abraham, he knows it, is that this woman believes firmly in this unique God whom its teacher discovered and makes love around him.

He thus goes away to ' Harane. There certainly, if only in Abraham's family, among the members to whom its teacher learnt to know God, he will find for Isaac a perfect partner.

Upon his arrival to ' Harane, the faithful servant, having addressed God so that He helps to find the solution of the problem, had suddenly an inspiration: her continuation, its camels, were very thirsty after this long journey.

They had thus arrested with a well. There, all the girls of the village came to draw some water and to take it at home. " Well, says himself Eliézer, I am going to ask them to offer me to drink. The one who, not only will agree to serve me, but will also suggest drawing the necessary water for my camels, because she will have understood that they too are given thirst, the one who will have enough heart and courage to make this effort and it is tall for so many camels! Deserve certainly to become the woman of Isaac ".

And the facts took place actually as Eliézer had planned him the quite young Rebecca suggested drawing the necessary water, not only to the men, but also to the animals. This under eyes amazed by Eliézer who was not able to refrain, to thank her, from swamping her with jewels, even before going with the father of the girl to ask him for theis hand in the name of its master.

What pulled the choice of Eliézer, it is Rebecca's good heart, its determination to help her next one, not to arrange its punishment for him, to serve even animals in all the measure where these needed it.

So by acting, Rebecca had proved that she deserved to enter the family of the patriarch Abraham.


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