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Lekh Lekha

This paracha is the third of the book Berechit.

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Avram, son of Noah, made road until Canaan at request of G.od accompanied with his wife Saraï. One famine forces him to go in Egypt.
Abram being afraid for his life, ask to Saraï be been thought of as her sister. His forecasts show themselves exact, Saraï is led to the Pharaoh, who wants to compensate Abram in cattle. G.od strikes the Pharaoh, who restores his wife to Abram and sends back him of Egypt.

G.od promises to Abram that he will have an uncountable descent, which will inherit from the Earth. At the age of 70, Abram receives the alliance between the parts. His wife Saraï gives him Hagar her handmaid. This one, encircled between in conflict with her mistress, is hunted and returns to the camp. After the birth of Ishmael, Abram is renamed in Abraham.
G.od orders then the rite of the circumcision for him and its descent. Saraï is renamed Sarah, and G.od assures Abraham that he and Sarah will have a son in spite of their old age. 

Then 99-year-old Abraham circumcises.

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