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The paracha first one of the first book. It is read during the first Sabbath which follows the party of Simha Torah.

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This paracha first one explains the creation of the world and the training of the beings which populates it.
At first, G.od created heavens and Earth.
The first day of the creation, G.od separated the light of the darkness, calling it in the daytime, and the darkness harms.
The second day, G.od separated waters of heavens. 
The third day, G.od assembled waters under heavens, and created seas. It aroused the greenery, the fruit trees and the earth gave birth to vegetables, to herbs which develop their seed according to their species, a fruit which contains its seed.
The fourth day, G.od created the sun, the moon and the stars.
The fifth day, G.od aroused the appearance of the aquatic and volatile life. 
The sixth day, G.od shaped the ground life: Adam, the first man was created in his image. The female was created from Adam's coast. G.od ordered them to fruit and to multiply. 
In the seventh day; heavens, earth(ground) and their armies were finished. G.od refrained from creating, blessing and sanctifying the seventh day, the holy declarer.

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