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This paracha is the twelfth and last of the book of Berechit. Once more, it is of Joseph about whom we speak.

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 All the descendants of Yaacov, maintaining gathered in Egypt, have just paid the last tribute to the patriarch and accompanied him, according to his desire, in Canaane, so that he rests with Léa, in the family grave, to Hébron.

On the way back, the brothers of Yoseph feel worried. This journey of return in Egypt reminds them their previous two travels of Canaan in Egypt, in search of wheat, but also in search of their lost brother Joseph.

They are afraid that Joseph does not exercise towards them a vengeance that he did not maybe want to quench of alive of their father. So, thus they decide to take the initiative. Addressing Yoseph, they come to tell him - at the moment when the memory of their father is even so alive in their hearts -: "our father said before his death: tell to Yoseph to be willing to forgive the fault of his brothers and the evil which they made" to him. 

The answer of joseph lets drill its nobility of soul. He who so much suffered from his brothers at the house still, him who, because of them, lived alone in Egypt in the distress and the poverty, knows how to forget everything, erase everything.

II has really no rancor in its heart there towards them, he will not take revenge.

Quite the opposite, to console his brothers of their remorse and put their worried minds at rest, he knows how to bring back to God the events the responsibility of which his brothers carry nevertheless. It is a God, he says who wanted that the facts take place in this way.

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