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Vayéra is the fourth paracha of the book of Berechit. 

Angels show themselves to Abraham. The city of Sodom and Gomore is destroyed.

Hagar and his son Ismael die in the desert.

Abraham sacrifices his son Isaac at the request of G.od.

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 G.od appears to Abraham, freshly circumcised.

He welcomes three men, in reality three angels, of whom the one to announce him the birth of his son Isaac and two to destroy the neighboring towns of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Abraham pleads in favour of both cities, obtaining that they are saved if there are ten just men there. However, alone Loth ccueille the visitors hospitably, what is worth him the hostility of the crowd. The angels save Loth and his two daughters whereas a deluge of fire and sulfur beats down on cities.

Loth takes refuge with Tsoar then in a cave, where his daughters not meeting man. Of these incestuous relations will be born Moab and Ammon.

Abraham settles down at Abimelekh of the Philistines, where Sarah is desired one more time by the local potentate. It is there that is born Isaac.

Sarah make of Abraham Hagar's dismissal his son Ismael who fail die in the desert, but God reveals them a source of water.

G.od feels Abraham by asking him to present Him Isaac. Abraham runs, but as he bound Isaac on the altar and gets ready to sacrifice him, an angel stops him. We announce to Abraham Rivka's birth.

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