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Eighth paracha of the book of Berechit, Vayichla' h hour speak reunions between Jacob and his brother Esaü.

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Jacob is on the way back in Canaan, accompanied with his numerous family, with his domestics and with his herds, when he learns suddenly that Esaü, his brother, comes to meet him with four hundred men.

Frightened, being afraid that his brother, in spite of years, continues to want he it, he gets ready to face him and, in this intention, takes various capacities.
First of all, he organizes his men so that they are to fight, if needed, and in a way that the losses are possibly reduced at least. II does not need that Esaü can find in front of him, at the same time, all the Jacob's staff and massacre him.
But there did not restrict themselves Jacob's preparations. II knows that he can matter on God's support; that - this promised him clearly his alliance during the vision of the scale. Thus Jacob is going to ask the Eternal for obtaining his help and gaining a victory on his brother.
Fundamentally well, Jacob would prefer to avoid this fratricide fight a lot. So goes he to try "to buy" the peace by sending to his brother, through envoys, a notable left the herds which he had acquired with Laban. Better was worth sacrificing these properties, nevertheless hard-earned, that human lives.
And thanks to this triple strategy, the meeting with Esaü was made without war and without bloodshed and both brothers were able to live, each from his part and in the way, during many years.

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