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This paracha second of the book of Berechit evokes Noah, just man in its generation, and its mission to build an arc to shelter his family and animals there.

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The first generations of the humanity touched the debauchery, both on the plans moral and spiritual; pulling with them animals and filling the earth of violence, perversion and contempt of the divine.

G.od decides then to erase any life by a deluge of water.

He asks Noah, only just man in his generation, to build an arc being able to shelter from what to repopulate the earth after 40 days and 40 nights of diluvian rains. When waters flow back, the survivors of the deluge, Noah, his sons and his women go out of the arc. G.od decides then to contract with them an alliance, and promises to them not to destroy any more the humanity.

While Noah was poisoned by the wine, his second son, Ham, " discover his nudity " and is cursed through his son Cannan. The sons of Noah engender the diverse nations of the Earth. And some of their descendants build a tower grow up to heavens to reach G.od, but He goes down and causes the confusion of the languages.

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