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The sixth paracha of the sefer Bamidbar evokes several limitations on several diverse and varied themes.

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Moses was prescribed to the children of Israel, the limitations concerning the war captives, then the obligations falling to the man bi- or polygamous, the laws concerning the fly-away son, the obligation of mutual aid, the obligation to put a rail on the roof of houses, ban to get dressed like the opposite sex, the rules concerning the illicit union with an already married woman or not, the attitude to be adopted live see Moabites, Ammonites and Egyptians which would like to integrate the assembly of Israel, the conservation of the purity of the camp in wartime, the protection of the escaped slaves, the ban on the prostitution, the ban on the wear between children of Israel, the rules of the divorce, the exemptions of military service for the newlyweds or those who have just made a new purchase, a way must be paid an employee, parts of the harvest to be left with the gleaners, the decreed modalities of sentencing By a court, a law of the lévirat, the weighty obligation and the just measures, and the order to erase the memory of Amaleq.

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