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The paracha second of the sefer Devarim tells how Moses implored G.od so that it is allowed him to enter on the Land of Israel. 

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G.od set a refusal to Moses, ordering him to climb a mountain to perceive, of its summit, the Promised Land.
Moses predicts that during the future generations, the people will go away from G.od, that he will serve idols and will be exiled by his earth, scattered among nations. But then, they will look for G.od and will return to the respect for its commands. 
The paracha Vaet' hanane also contains the repetition of Ten Commandments and verses of Chéma which express the foundation of the Jewish faith: the unity of G.od (" Listen to Israel, the Eternal is our G.od, the Eternal is One ") before commanding love of G.od, study of Its Torah, the port of téfilines (phylacteries) and the pose(installation) of a mézouza near our houses.

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