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Ki Tissa

Ninth paracha of the book Chemot, Ki Tissa tells the fault of the golden calf and the idolization observed by certain children of Israel.

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The prolonged absence of Moses held with G.od was enough, so that our ancestors manage to doubt G.od and require from Aaron that he makes them an idol.

They even were until offer the gold of their jewels so that we shape their "G.od". Everything took place as if they had already forgotten the Revelation. 

Their shouts reach to the Sinai, where G.od informs Moses about the construction of the golden calf. He breaks then the Tables of the Law.

Decreed G.od whom He will not live anymore among them, but will guide them by an intermediary. Moses pleads for the forgiveness of the faults, and is fulfillled.

G.od reveals him Its glory and Its thirteen attributes of mercy, then repeats commands prescribed during the first rise. When Moses gets down again, at the end of 40 other days and 40 other nights, with Second Tables of the Law, the face shines, and it has to carry a veil.

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