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The paracha Béchalla' hour tells the crossing of the Hebrew in the desert and all the miracles which they witness. 

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After Pharaoh sent back the children of Israel, G.od decides to make them pass by the desert. He precedes His people in a column of thick cloud, which becomes pillar of fire at night. 

Egyptians leave in pursuit of the Hebrew, which find themselves stuck between the sea and the armies of Pharaoh, led by Very Pharaoh. The Israelites are won by the despair. 
G.od reprimands Moses and orders to His people to move forward in the sea.

This one splits and allows to pass the children of on foot dry Israel, but it closes on Egyptians, which it gobbles up.

The Hebrew intone then the Hymn of the Sea. The people, suffer from the thirst and from the hunger, and he begins to rebel towards Moses, some people regret even having left Egypt. 

G.od then makes lower for them the food of heavens, called "aman". It falls in equal quantity for any home satisfies all and each, does not keep at night; it does not moreover fall the seventh day of the week, day of the Sabbath but arrives in double portion Friday and preserves during this night.

The revolt continues in spite of these miracles, and Moses is afraid of being stoned to death

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