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Seventh paracha of the book Chemot, Terouma tells for what G.od asked to Moses during the construction of its sanctuary. 

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G.od orders to Moses to ask for an offering to the children of Israel, to build him a sanctuary and He will live among them. G.od is going to supply all the details concerning this building.

This house of D. contained several sacred objects, in particular, the Holy Arc containing Ten Commandments. A perpetual light was switched on there and called back the eternity of D.

The table, the candlestick, the Tent and its pillars, the curtain, the outside bronze altar where will be carried out the bloody sacrifices and the outside surrounding wall. 
It is there, in the Holy of Holies, KODECH AKODACHIM, that the Eternal was going to show itself from now on to Moses and to give him its instructions.
The Eternal wanted the whole people has his part in the construction of its house. He wanted that everybody participates in it by a personal gift, and that each has the impression to build with his own hands a house for the Eternal and comes there to consider really the house of G.od as its own house to him.

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