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The book of Chemot explains us in detail the subjection of the children of Israel in Egypt, their liberation of the slavery and their gathering in people.

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By way of introduction, the paracha first on of the book of Chemot, enumerates the names of twelve children of Israel who wen in Egypt and the descendants of which formed the people of Israel.

A new Pharaoh gets up, who did not know Joseph and worrying about the prodigious growth of these foreigners, reduces them to servitude and condemns his male first-borns to be flooded.

But one of these children is given up on streams in a cradle, and her sister Myriam follows him by far.

He is saved by Bithia, the girl of the Pharaoh, who named Moses.

Years later, Moses, brought up as an Egyptian, takes the defense of a Hebrew beaten by an Egyptian, and kills the latter.

Discovered, he runs away to Midian and gets married to Sephora, the girl of a priest.
A day when he makes the herd of his father-in-law graze, G.od shows himself to Moses in a burning bush which not burned not.

G.od confides then a mission to Moses: he has to save the Jewish people of the Egyptians. With his brother Aaron who is of use to him as spokesman, they required from Pharaoh that he lets leave the children of Israel three days in the desert to worship G.od, but Pharaoh refuses, and returns the even more intense and more painful duties for the people.

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