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Sixth paracha in the sefer Vayikra, A'harei word presents in its first part the progress of the service of Yom Kippur at the time of the Tabernacle and of the Temple.

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After the death of the sons of Aaron, God prescribes him, through its brother Moses, the sacrificial rite of Yom Kippur, with his specific offerings, the rites to make in the Holy of Holies, where lives Shekhina, divine presence.

The name of a scapegoat and its dismissal to Azazel in the desert. He forbids to bring offerings outside the surrounding wall of the sanctuary, insists on the absolutrice value some blood, as well as the prohibition of its consumption.

Diverse sexual practices, among which the incest, the relationships with a woman in menstrual period, the adultery, the gay sex and with animals, are enumerated and forbidden.

Also forbidden, the consecration of the children to Moloch. It is underlined that it is because Canaanéens took pleasure in these practices that the earth vomits them.

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