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Chemini is the third paracha of the sefer Vayikra. This paracha supplies a number of details of animals allowed the consumption or not, to choose our food accordingly. This choice among animals establishes the base of the food laws which settle our existence.

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In the eighth day of Aaron's initiation and his sons into their service of Cohen, takes place the actual inauguration of Michkan. 
Cohen Gadol blesses the people, and a celestial fire devours the offerings. Both elder sons of Aaron, Nadav and Abihou, approach then an offering of incense which had not been prescribed; a divine fire consumes them then from the inside, but cohanim does not have the right to mark the mourning. 
G.od prescribed to the cohanim not to preside under the influence of alcohol, and prescribes to them to consume the flesh of certain animal offerings. G.od prescribes to the children of Israel to consume only pure animals, the signs and the species of which He enumerates. He reveals the laws of impurities bound to animals.

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