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Fifth paracha of the sefer Vayikra, Metzora enumerates the laws of ritual impurity concerning the leprosy, which can strike the skin, the hair, the pilosity but also the clothes and the walls of houses. The rites are then explained to carry out once the bad missing person. 

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The leprosy pull in certain cases, the total demolition of the house in question.

So, before Cohen, which is called to make possibly such a decision, comes to pronounce, we have to empty  the house, to arrange any sound contained in the street, in the view of everybody.

This aims, according to our Wise men, at forcing us to spread in broad daylight, all that we possess, to open by force of circumstance every big our house which we held closed up to here.
Because there also, the leprosy is the punishment of a moral fault, which, this time, has for name the egoism.

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