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Paracha Balak is about of Bilaam's paracha the prophet, summoned by Balak, king of Moab.

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Balak, king of Moab, asks the prophet Bilaam to curse the people of Israel. Along the way, G.od lets him know, through its ass, that He opposes his intentions, and the forced to bless Israel.
However Bilaam, taking place successively in three places, try to throw his curses. Every time, instead of curses, it is the blessing which he utters. Finally, he augurs at the end of the times and the coming of the Messiah. 
The people are allowed attract by the girls of Moab who incite them to serve the idol Peor.

When Zimri, a prince of Simon's tribe, isolates himself openly with a princess midianite in a tent, Pine has kills the couple, end in the wound which rages among the people.

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