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Parashat Parah

The reading of "Paracha Parah" falls on a Shabbat after Purim, is occasionally the Shabbat immediately after. Shabbat Parah always precedes Shabbat HaHodesh. 

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This reading is taken from Parashat Hukat, dealing with the Mitzva of the red heifer, where we use its ashes to form a solution that the Kohen uses to purify those from Bne Yisrael that became impure through touching a dead body (Tumat Met). This purification was essential to be able to bring the "Korban Pessah". Our sages teach that this reading is a Biblical commandement, (just like Parashat Zachor). By reading this Torah portion, we accomplish the obligation to remember of episode of the Golden Calf, for which its atonement was obtained by this very Mitzva with the red Heifer. This reading serves as a great reminder that we are required to purify ourselves before the Passover holiday.

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